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Mamatone Capsules

MAMATONE Capsule is a comprehensive galactogogue and rejuvenating medi­ cine which effectively promotes lactation and nourishes the mother as well as baby in natural ways.It helps to enhance quality and quantity of breastmilk. MAM­ ATONE Capsules helps to break the vicious cycle of diminished milk secretion due to nutritional or psychosomatic and emotional factors and results in healthy relaxed mother with sufficient milk secretion and well fed, healthy, happy baby. Read more...

BC56 Cream

BC-56 Cream is a potent wound healing ointment especially useful in diabetic wounds and ulcers. This Ayurvedic formula enriched with Sal, Neem, Karanj and Jasad bhasma shows excellent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. BC-56 Cream accelerates wound contraction, epithelization and improves tensile strength of local tissues, and therefore BC-56 is a comprehensive wound healing remedy in diabetic foot and ulcers. Read more...


Dyna underpad is used on beds, cribs, on wheelchairs, sofas, and other furniture to protect against stains from the bodily fluid. Underpad is good for use after surgery, giving birth or during illness as they keep the surfaces clean and dry. Dyna Underpad can also be used in cribs, changing tables or other places your baby may spend time. When you are out with your child, you can use an under pad as a changing pad, providing a clean place to change your child wherever you are



Check your blood sugar, Cholesterol, and Uric Acid in one machine.

  • 3in1 Multi-Function

  • Auto Strip Recognition

  • Total Check, Total Care

BeneCheck 3 in one machine is the defender of your health, which could check your Glucose, Total Cholesterol, and Uric Acid in 1 minute. With Auto Strip Recognition function, the system will recognize the inserted strip while testing. And the Ejection design could also lower the risk of infection, especially convenient for healthcare professionals. BeneCheck brings health to you in an easy way.  Read more...

Benecheck Hb

Beside 3 in 1 multi-function, this BeneCheck Premium Hb Monitoring System allows you to check your Hemoglobin level easy and conveniently. Read more...

DVT Stockings

DVT stands for Deep Vein Thrombosis. Deep Veins are those deep inside the leg as opposed to Superficial Veins which are closer to the skin’s surface. A thrombus is a clot in the blood. Once a clot is formed, it may travel through the veins and reach the lungs. This can result in a fatal pulmonary embolism.

Clot formation is likely if the blood is stagnant. This happens in long surgeries (more than 30 minutes) where the patient is immobile for a long time.

How do Anti-Embolism Stockings help

Anti-embolism stockings provide a mechanical pumping action and assist in forcing the blood through the veins. This reduces the possibility of clot formation. Read more...


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